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Adolescence Education


SUNY New Paltz is unveiling a brand new program designed to help students accelerate to fulfilling careers in science and education. The Five-Year Master’s Plan is a pathway to earning two powerful credentials, a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, in just five years. The Five-Year Master’s Plan can help you develop a highly marketable and flexible skill set that will equip you to work in or out of the classroom, while saving you thousands on a full year of graduate tuition and fees.

We’ve developed this program in response to popular demand from students and parents who have called for a pathway to fulfilling jobs in education and science, and to school districts who report an increasing number of full-time job openings in STEM disciplines.

Graduation from the Five-Year Master’s Plan will empower you with options to choose the career you find most fulfilling, whether that means becoming a science teacher, working as a geologist, or going for your PhD.

New York State requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA and to take the GRE prior to entering the MAT program, and for successfully completing all tests, workshops and procedures to merit teacher certification.

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5-Year Curriculum Plan