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Adolescence Education

MAT Adolescence Education: Mathematics

A day in a math classroom brings problem-solving, exploration and discovery for teacher and students alike. As our society grows ever more reliant on technology, strong mathematics education makes a world of difference for developing minds. The MAT is the ideal career pathway for aspiring educators with mathematics backgrounds.

No Teaching Experience Necessary

The MAT is designed for future teachers with undergraduate degrees in mathematics, computer science, engineering or related fields. The 45-credit program can be completed in less than two years of full-time study, and graduates are recommended for NYS Initial Certification as teachers.

Rewarding Careers in High Demand

As school districts continue to modernize, science, technology and math teachers are among their greatest areas of need. Children in the 21st century need strong STEM education in order to succeed as professionals and as citizens. Skilled and compassionate math teachers have a unique opportunity to make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Work with Experts in Teaching and Math

The curriculum focuses on core pedagogical concepts and methods, complemented by upper-division electives taught by Department of Mathematics faculty – highly respected scholars teaching small classes, who are passionate about preparing new educators to work with diverse populations of children.

Develop your Teaching in the Real World

This program includes a full-semester student teaching capstone experience, giving teacher candidates a valuable opportunity to hone their craft with one of our many partner districts. Student teachers are supported by faculty advisors on campus and professional mentors in the field, who strive to ensure that all graduates are ready to lead a classroom on day one.



Jason Huang, Program Coordinator

huangj18@newpaltz.edu or 845-257-2818



Alana Matuszewski, Manager of Graduate Recruiting & Advising

gradstudies@newpaltz.edu or 845-257-3285