Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Secondary Education
  • Secondary Education faculty and staff are actively engaged in research, publication, and presentation opportunities with students. Faculty are regularly cited for excellence in teaching, research, and service, including Distinguished Faculty and SUNY Chancellor’s Awards and honors from the Fulbright Program, National Writing Project, Guggenheim Foundation, National Science Foundation, and National Endowment for the Arts.
  • The Department is committed to the betterment of the surrounding community. For example, the Hudson Valley Writing Project, housed at New Paltz, offers high-quality professional development for educators as well as writing camps for youth.
  • Faculty are dedicated to New Paltz’s Conceptual Framework, which values the preparation of caring, critical, and reflective professionals who are responsive to the needs of a diverse society.
  • Students are active on campus and in the New Paltz community. They participate in youth after-school programs; network with practicing educators; and work as graduate assistants or work-study students.
  • Secondary Education alumni serve as fieldwork observers and mentors to student teachers in Hudson Valley middle and high schools. Many have gone on to work as teachers while also maintaining involvement with the College and serving as industry experts in their fields.