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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

Master of Science in Education Childhood 1-6

Advance your career with our new STEM-Enhanced track in the MS.Ed program starting this summer.

  • In just ONE YEAR, you can complete the STEM-enhanced track in the MS.Ed. program following a summer/fall/spring/summer sequence. Part-time options are also available.
  • Reading/Literacy and Early Childhood Education tracks are offered in addition to the STEM track.
  • This rigorous 36-credit graduate program will equip you with the theories, strategies, and hands-on experiences to help you and your students excel in the classroom.
  • Graduates will receive the Master of Science in Education degree and will have completed all academic requirements for professional teacher certification from New York State.

New Paltz ranks No. 5 among public regional universities in the North offering both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. — U.S. News & World Report, 2017



Dr. Aaron D. Isabelle, Program Coordinator

isabella@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-2837



Alana Matuszewski, Recruiter & Advisor

gradstudies@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-3285