Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Digital Media & Journalism
  • The department accommodates the creative process by offering students access to professional production equipment, including during late night hours. From audio and video editing suites to a state-of-the-art television studio, the department’s facilities provide the hands-on experience students need to be successful.
  • Internships are required for all digital media and journalism majors, and the department designates an internship coordinator to help guide students through the internship experience. The Legislative Gazette, an Albany-based newspaper covering state government, is produced by New Paltz interns and has operated since 1978. Opportunities to take part in The Little Rebellion e-zine and other pre-professional production pieces give students even more experience to prepare them for their careers. This spring, Digital Media Production student Krishna Desai was accepted into a prestigious internship program at the world’s largest film festival, the Festival De Cannes.  
  • The department offers the college's only distinguished visiting professorship, through which it has hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and best-selling authors to teach classes.
  • Digital Media and Journalism students and faculty have earned regional, state, and national awards for their journalism, documentaries, and public service announcements.
  • All of the department’s full-time faculty members hold terminal degrees in their field.
  • Alumni go on to work in a variety of media and journalism careers, from news reporting to filmmaking and television producing. Notable alum Ed Carroll ’85, now chief operating officer of AMC Networks, returned to campus in 2014.