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Effectively communicating the College’s messages in harmony with the College’s identity, mission and vision.

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Editorial Standards - P

Alphabetical Entries: P

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Pacific Islander

PianoSummer at New Paltz The annual institute and festival directed by University Professor Vladimir Feltsman. PianoSummer on second and subsequent references.  (No space between Piano and Summer)

paintings and sculpture See the composition titles entry.

percent Not "per cent." Always use numerals. See AP Stylebook's percent and percentages entries. For discussion of subject-verb agreement, see fractions entry.

periods of history See the historical periods entry.

persuade See the convince, persuade entry.

photo credits See the captions entry.

physical disabilities See the disabled entry.

poems and plays See the composition titles entry.

prior to Use "before."

professor See the ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL TITLES heading under the titles entry.

program Capitalize the word "program" only when it is part of the formal name: Educational Opportunity Program, the department's visiting scholars program.

punctuation The AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style are the two primary sources for punctuation. Public affairs products, such as news releases, News Pulse, public affairs-oriented Web content, and other periodicals will rely on the AP. When drafting other documents, both sources are acceptable – but pick one and stick with it.