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Editorial Standards - I

Alphabetical Entries: I

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i.e. Means "that is"; do not confuse with "e.g.," which means "for example." It is usually followed by a comma.

Indian, American Indian See the American Indian, Indian entry.

initials See the abbreviations and acronyms entry.

in-residence Hyphenate and, in most cases, lowercase when used generically or following an individual's name: The department had an artist-in-residence during each of the past five spring semesters. Jan Conroy, the department's professor-in-residence, will be on campus until April. Many other American universities have artist-in-residence programs. However, since professor-in-residence and artist-in-residence are formal titles rather than occupational titles, they should be capitalized before a person's name: When will Artist-in-Residence Scott Adams give his lecture? Granada Artists-in-Residence Program. Capitalize, also, when used as part of a formal name: William Gaskill, Granada Artist-in-Residence.

in regard to Not "in regards to."