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Effectively communicating the University’s messages in harmony with the College’s identity, mission and vision.

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Editorial Standards - B

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black, African American See the African American, black entry.

board Capitalize only when an integral part of a formal name. The SUNY Board of Trusteesthe board of directors of the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce.

books and periodicals See the BOOKS AND PERIODICALS heading under the composition titles entry.

bookstore The proper name of the bookstore at SUNY New Paltz is Campus Bookstore.

building names Per AP, capitalize the proper names of buildings, including the word "building" if it is an integral part of the proper name: the Empire State Building, Humanities Classroom Building.  Never abbreviate the word "building." On first reference, spell out university names that may be unfamiliar to the particular audience you are addressing.  Abridged names such as "Humanities" are not appropriate for printed material associated with building dedications, commencements and other formal ceremonial events.  Following is a list of campus buildings and landmarks, acceptable in all references in news releases and campus periodicals.  Abridged names appear in brackets.

Approved acronyms are included in the following list, but are to be used only when essential.  They should never be used in promotional materials such as posters, invitations or brochures.  See the abbreviations and acronyms and room entries in this style guide.



AWC Athletic & Wellness Center
CT College Theatre
CSB Coykendall Science Building
EG Elting Gymnasium
EIH Engineering Innovation Hub
FOB Faculty Office Building
FAB Fine Arts Building [Fine Arts II]
GRM Grimm House [Center for International Programs]
HAB Haggerty Administration Building [Haggerty]
HAC Hopfer Undergraduate Admissions Center [Hopfer Center]
HUM Humanities Classroom Building
JFT Jacobson Faculty Tower
LC Lecture Center
REH Louis and Mildred Resnick Engineering Hall [Resnick Engineering Hall]
SO Muriel and Jack Smolen Observatory [Smolen Observatory]
OL Old Library
OM Old Main Building [Old Main]
PDH Peregrine Dining Hall (formerly Hasbrouck Dining Hall - effective 8/5/19)
PT Parker Theatre
SDM Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art [Dorsky Museum, The Dorsky]
SH Science Hall
CC Senator Charles Cook Children's Center [The Children's Center]
SB Service Building
SAB Smiley Art Building
STL Sojourner Truth Library
SCB South Classroom Building
SFB South Faculty Building
SOS Southside House
HCC Student Health & Counseling Center
SUB Student Union Building [Student Union]
TR The Terrace
VH van dan Berg Hall
VHA van den Berg Hall Annex
WH Wooster Hall



College Hall Complex:

CH  College Hall
SGH Shango Hall 

 Peregrine Complex (formerly Hasbrouck Complex):

ASH  Ashokan Hall (formerly Crispell Hall - effective 8/5/19)
AWH  Awosting Hall (formerly Deyo Hall - effective 8/5/19)
MNH  Minnewaska Hall (formerly Bevier Hall - effective 8/5/19)
MOH  Mohonk Hall (formerly DuBois Hall - effective 8/5/19)
SWH  Shawangunk Hall (formerly LeFevre Hall - effective 8/5/19)

Parker Complex:

BH Bliss Hall
BOH Bouton Hall
CPH Capen Hall
GH  Gage Hall
SCH  Scudder Hall

 South Complex:

ESH Esopus Hall
LPH Lenape Hall
RVH  Ridgeview Hall



East Wing:

Corridor Gallery
Howard Greenberg Family Gallery
Morgan Anderson Gallery
Sara Bedrick Gallery

West Wing:

Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery
North Gallery



JKP    John R. Kirk Planetarium (in Coykendall Science Building)
ST      Julien J. Studley Theatre (in Old Main)
MT     McKenna Theatre (in College Theatre)
MPR   Multipurpose Room (in Student Union)
SRH   Nadia and Max Shepard Recital Hall (in College Hall)
PT      Parker Theatre



Alumni Soccer Field
Intercollegiate Practice Field
Intramurals Field
Loren Campbell Baseball Field
Mary Gray Deane Softball Field
North Turf Field (inside of track)
Soccer Practice Field
South Turf Field
Tennis Courts



Arts & Sciences Quad
(bordered by Coykendall Science Building, Smiley Arts Building, Bouton Hall, and Faculty Office Building)

Excelsior Concourse
(from Mohonk Walk at Jacobson Faculty Tower to Sojourner Truth Library stairs and underpass)

Haggerty Plaza
(between Haggerty Administration Building and Student Union)

Mohonk Walk
(traverses the academic area east to west on the north side of the campus)

Old Main Quad
(bordered by Old Main Building, Old Library, College Hall, and Mohonk Walk)

Parker Quad
(bordered by Parker Theatre, College Theatre, Capen Hall, Scudder Hall, Gage Hall, and Bliss Hall)

Peregrine Quad
(bordered by Ashokan, Awosting, Minnewaska, Mohonk, and Shawangunk Halls)

Student Union Plaza
(west side of Student Union)

The Courtyard
(in front of Sojourner Truth Library, bordered by Fine Arts Building, Smiley Arts Building, and Coykendall Science Building)

campus pond (The Gunk)