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Effectively communicating the University’s messages in harmony with the College’s identity, mission and vision.

Office of Communication & Marketing

Design Services

Design Services Request Form

Contact: design@newpaltz.edu

Design staff work closely with other areas within Communication & Marketing to collaborate on major initiatives, ensuring that editorial and visual messaging is consistent and communication goals for the project are met. We provide support for institutional priorities and ensure brand standards are implemented. And we handle the day-to-day needs of the entire campus while we’re at it! Design services are provided to the campus at no charge.

To Place a Request

You need two things:

  1. Request Form

    All request forms are available at my.newpaltz.edu in the Communication & Marketing link.

    You need a completed Design, Print & Mail Request form sent to Design Services, for all requests except business cards. For business card orders please use the Business Card Order form. Fillable pdf forms are available at my.newpaltz.edu in the Communication & Marketing link. Completed forms should be e-mailed to design@newpaltz.edu. Hard copy forms are available at Haggerty 511. They may be dropped off there as well.

  2. Content


    Digital files should be e-mailed to design@newpaltz.edu along with your request form. Large files may be placed on the H drive (please provide the exact file location on your request form or in your email). Please note:  We are not able to accept Publisher files. Hard copy materials should be attached to the hard copy work request and delivered or mailed to Design Services, Haggerty 511. 


    Photos, etc. may be sent electronically to design@newpaltz.edu or placed on the H drive (please provide the exact file location on your request form). If you are submitting hard copy please DO NOT staple or paper clip a photo. Use an envelope to avoid the scratches and indentations that permanently damage your image.

    High res
    For print, images must be at least 300 dpi at the size used. [example:  An image reproduced at 5x4 needs to be 300 dpi at 5x4. Enlarging that image to 10x8 reduces the resolution by half and the image will be pixelated and not usable]. As a rule of thumb, an image should be at least a few megabytes in size.

    Low res
    For online applications, an image should be at least 72 dpi. High res images are not necessary.


    If you have any questions about the usability of an image, please contact Design Services at design@newpaltz.edu. We can check it for you.


How it works

  • You submit your request.
  • We log it in, plot a production schedule, assign a designer, develop a first draft/proof.
  • You get a proof, mark it for any corrections, and return all materials to Design Services. Don’t forget to sign the proof slip!
  • We do corrections and send you another proof.
  • (Repeat proof and corrections as necessary)
  • You  “OK to print."
  • We send it to the printer. (Note: If the project requires off-campus services we will secure the quotes and ship the files to the vendor.)


Please give us enough time to do a good job for you. Our schedule is most often very full and we don’t want to rush or shortchange your project.


For information or to make an appointment with a designer, call our secretary, Teresa, at x3245.


Design, Print & Mail Request Form