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Student's Personal Immunization Information

The Student Health Services SUNY New Paltz is pleased to announce that the Student Immunization Information recorded in the Banner Student Database System is now available to students!

The Immunization Information represents immunization dates that were supplied to the Student Health Services SUNY New Paltz by the student or his/her designated representative.  A student's status regarding NYS Compliance with Immunizations is located at the bottom of the Immunization Information page.  A student who is NOT NYS Compliant cannot register for classes at SUNY New Paltz.

To access the Immunization Information:
1. Log in to my.newpaltz.edu
2. Select the Student Services tab
3. Click on General in the Student Information channel, which opens a list
4. Click on Immunization Information
5. Select the Current Term
6. Click the Submit button, which opens the Immunization Information page
7. Use the print button or option in your web browser to print this page

Contact Student Health Services SUNY New Paltz at 845-257-3400 if you have questions regarding the information content in the Immunization Information page.

Contact the Student Help Desk if you have a technical issue accessing the Immunization Information: