Health Center

Overseas Academic Programs

In preparation for your academic studies aboard it is important to spend some time planning for your health needs. Travel within North America and Western Europe requires little preparation, while travel on the Asian, African or South American continents requires more planning.

A completed Overseas Academic Programs Form is required. Positive response to questions number 1 or 4 or a negative response to question number 2 requires a visit to a health care provider.  If you have an established relationship with your primary care provider at home you may choose to see them.  If it is more convenient you may be seen at the Health Center.

We also recommend you visit the Center for Disease Control website to gather more information on vaccines, medications and other necessities you may need for travel.

The Student Health Service does not administer any specialty travel vaccinations. Please click the following link for information on local Travel Clinics who can help you with any travel immunizations you may need: Travel Clinics