Health Center

Making an Appointment

Students with health concerns should call 845-257-3400. An office assistant will obtain required information including the student's Banner ID number.  After receiving this information a triage nurse will then return the student's call to facilitate appropriate care in a confidential manner. When indicated, this will include scheduling an appointment with a provider for evaluation and treatment. Walk-ins will be accommodated in a similar fashion but often need to return later for a scheduled appointment.

Appointments tend to fill up quickly.  Contacting Student Health Service early in the day provides greater opportunity to be seen at your convenience.

There is no direct charge for appointments. Services provided at the Health Center are covered by the Student Health Fee. Students are responsible for charges incurred for laboratory tests submitted to an outside facility and prescriptions filled at a pharmacy. Health insurance usually provides coverage for these services. For this reason, it is important that students carry a copy of their insurance information and know which laboratory is covered by their insurance.