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Senior Thesis

Before graduating, each Honors students must complete a senior thesis project. The specific type of project can vary depending on your own focus. Students in the natural sciences tend to do laboratory experiments, while students in the humanities tend to write papers. Art students usually put up an exhibition of their work in the Honors Center.

Here's a listing of several recent graduates' thesis projects:

"Mental Illness: The Effects of Worldview on Communities of Color"
- Anisa Arcos-Pangione, '15

"The Self-Portraits of Edvard Munch"
- Rachel Beaudoin, '15

"Developing Harmony: Parent-Infant Bonding"
- Madeline Chilton, '15

"It's Not Just About Vegetables: Historical Shifts in the Meanings and Practices of Community Supported Agriculture"
- Annemarie Courtens, '15

"United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and the Prevention of Recurring Conflict"
- Monica Farrell '15

"Integrating Restorative Justice Into a Capitalist Society"
- Kathleen Gagnon, '15

"Genocide and the Need for International Legal Reform"
- Nicole Hoerold, '15

"The Role of Anatomy in the Hemolymph Sugar Homeostasis of M. domestica"
- Michael Khoury, '15

- Sara Lyons, '15

"United We Understand"
- Zameena Mejia, '15

"Stray Dogs"
- Julian Mostachetti, '15

"Sex and Society"
- Sarah Nirenberg, '15

"The True Tales of Scotland"
- Eirinn Norrie, '15

"The Perfidy of Life"
- Andrea Pacione, '15

"Course - NYC"
- Mackenzie Palma, '15

"Dear She: Love Letters to the Self"
- Jessi Putnam, '15

"Blackroots: A Battleground of Blood, Blues and Beauty"
- Danielle Roberts, '15

"The Falling Man: Don Draper's Descent into Dante's Inferno"
- Megan Rooney, '15

"Moderates in the House of Representatives"
- Christopher Rosedale, '15

"American Waste: Landscape and Identity"
- James Senzer, '15

"Ecopsychology in a Time of Collective Trauma"
- Carly Shaw, '15

"The Impact of Self-Handicapping in Strategic Board Games Upon New Player's Experiences"
- Emily Smith, '15

"Sacred Spaces"
- Shannon Suhl, '15

"The Superman Letters"
- Miriam Ward, '15

"The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: A Challenge to Legitimacy"
- Juliana Wintrob, '15

"Art Under Vichy: Art as a National Identity"
- Samantha Wright, '15

"Beating the Clock: Why We Delay Childbearing"
- Maggie Zielinski, '15