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Thesis Showcase

Collecting Memories
Birdhouses as Spaces for Infinite Dreaming
By:  Kali Taylor Ventresca
Honors Thesis & BFA Thesis in Metal 

 Kali's Bio
Kali sitting in office
Kali Taylor Ventresca began her time as an artist at SUNY New Paltz with a proverbial bang. After developing an AP Art portfolio at the Friends Academy in Locust Valley, NY, she received "Best in Show" in the Art Foundations program in her freshman year (2007). 

After deciding to focus her efforts toward a BFA in Metals in her sophomore year, Kali took on a jewelry internship in 2010 at Albert J. Pujol, Inc. in New York City. This experience would further enhance her skills, as she would develop a knack for creating beautifully unique pieces. 

Kali's progress didn't stop after her graduation in December of 2011, as she vaulted directly into an assistant designer position with Jaroff Design & Mison Concepts in Hicksville, NY. Jaroff Design, founded by artist Joseph Jaroff, provides custom metal and glass design and fabrication for the art, architecture and interior design communities. As an employee of Jaroff Design, Kali is gaining invaluable experience both as a designer and a businesswoman.

In Kali's downtime, she loves riding her bike, eating well, dancing and being in the company of friends and family. She is also in the process of constructing her first home studio.

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