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Four Year Program Outline

Honors Model Plan (effective Fall 2012 for entering freshmen)

Year 1 The Individual and Society (3 Cr) Common Course (3 Cr)
Year 2 Department/Program Honors Course or Interdisciplinary Seminar (3-4 Cr)
Year 3 Department/Program Honors Course or Interdisciplinary Seminar (3-4 Cr)
Year 4 Honors Project Part I (1-3 Cr) Honors Project Part II (1-3 Cr)

Total Credits = 14 – 20


Honors students who enter as freshmen are required to take a total of four seminars, two of which are the introductory common courses.  For freshman Honors-designated courses in the student's major may be substituted for up to two of these four seminars. 

Students entering the program later are not required to take the common courses and may be allowed to skip one or more courses at the discretion of the Director.

The thesis, project, or capstone experience will span both terms in the senior year.  The first term will focus on planning under the direction of a faculty supervisor in the major (or an appropriate faculty supervisor chosen by the student and approved by the Director of the Honors Program for an interdisciplinary project).   The second term will be devoted to execution of the proposed project (ideally under the same supervisor).  Each student will be enrolled in Honors Independent Study for two semesters. In consultation with the faculty supervisor and an additional reader, the student will develop a schedule of work to be completed over two semesters. The project process will be supervised by the faculty mentors. The student and faculty mentors will meet on an ongoing basis to collaborate on the project.