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There are 14 residence halls on the New Paltz campus.  This allows students to choose from a variety of living options, including, corridor or suite style, or special interest group housing.

All residence halls are coed.  Each residence hall offers a number of student-oriented facilities and services including a laundry room, computer terminals, a main meeting lounge for hall government meetings and activities, and a study lounge.  Additionally, each hall also has at least one television lounge, a kitchenette area, and a microwave for use by all residents of the hall.

There are three residence life complexes on the New Paltz campus: Parker Complex, Hasbrouck Complex and South Complex.


Bliss Hall

Bouton Hall

Capen Hall

Gage Hall

Scudder Hall

Shango/College Hall


Ashokan Hall

Awosting Hall

Minnewaska Hall

Mohonk Hall

Shawangunk Hall


Esopus Hall

Lenape Hall

Ridgeview Hall

Parker Complex:
The Parker Complex is comprised of six residence halls: Bliss HallBouton HallCapen HallGage HallScudder Hall and Shango/College Hall. All are traditional corridor style residence halls with a single sex bathroom shared by all residents of the floor. Rooms are adjacent to each other with an entrance/exit onto a common hallway. Each room is equipped for telephone, internet, and cable TV connection.

Parker Corridor Room Diagram *


Peregrine Complex:
The Peregrine Complex is comprised of five suite style residence halls: Ashokan Hall, Awosting Hall, Minnewaska Hall, Mohonk Hall, and Shawangunk Hall. Suites are comprised of two, three or four bedrooms, a small lounge/living room area and a bathroom with shower shared by the residents of the suite. Each room is equipped for telephone, internet, and cable TV connections.

Peregrine Suite Diagram


South Complex:
The South Complex consists of Esopus Hall, Lenape Hall and Ridgeview Hall

Esopus Hall rooms are corridor style rooms. Each hallway/house contains four clusters of rooms. A cluster consists of four or five rooms that surround, but are not directly connected to a public bathroom.

Lenape hall consists of two types of designed triple occupancy rooms.

Lenape Corridor Style rooms consist of a large L-shaped bedroom and a bathroom that are shared by the three students living in the room.

Lenape Suite Style rooms are quad rooms comprised of a two bedrooms, a common room and a bathroom. Each bedroom will house two students, who will each get their own loft bed set-up.  Loft set-ups are a bed raised five feet with a desk and dresser placed underneath.  Each loft will have a ladder attached.

Ridgeview Hall rooms are corridor style rooms with a similar style to Esopus Hall. Each hallway/house contains 8 – 9 bathrooms, each of which service 2-3 bedrooms. Though the bathrooms are near 2-3 rooms, they are not directly connected to any of the bedrooms and are lockable, single user public bathrooms.

The South Complex residence halls rooms are wired for cable TV, internet, and phone connections. Additionally, the three halls contain several study and recreation lounges, a computer room, and laundry facilities.

Esopus and Ridgeview Room Diagram *

Lenape Corridor Triple w/Bathroom Diagram *

Lenape Suite Triple with Bathroom Diagram *

Lenape 4-person suite with bathroom *