Residence Life

First-Year Students

Communities at New Paltz: A transformative First-Year experience

Communities at New Paltz is a specifically designed Living/Learning community program for First-Year students. This program offers four distinct living experiences featuring specific inter-disciplinary themes:

  • Leadership
  • Health & Wellness
  • Service Learning
  • Career Exploration

First-Year students who choose to participate in one of these interest-based communities will connect with other students who share similar interests, while gaining an introduction to the larger SUNY New Paltz campus and the surrounding New Paltz community. Students will have a unique opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with others in the context of an engaging academic and residential community.

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Scholar's Mentorship Program

SMP is a multicultural program, founded by the Black Studies Department, that addresses the educational disparities of the historically underrepresented students of SUNY New Paltz. SMP develops a community of scholars and leaders who celebrate academic achievement, whilst becoming culturally competent, to develop an inclusive campus.

The Scholar's Mentorship Program is housed within Shango Hall.

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The mission of the SUNY New Paltz Honors Program is to provide an enhanced intellectual experience in a climate conducive to interaction among highly motivated students and faculty. This experience will seek to develop and intensify skills from a conceptual point of view in a diverse multidisciplinary analytical environment that nurtures independent thinking, creativity, respect and social responsibility.

Students take special Honors seminars, which are interdisciplinary and small in size (usually around 15 students). Unlike traditional lecture courses, Honors seminars emphasize dialogue and non-lecture based learning; students are expected to come to class with something to say and to actively participate in debate and discussion.

First year Honors students can live with other first year Honors students in Lenape Hall.  There is a limited number of spaces which accepted Honors students can be assigned to on a first come, first served basis.

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The New York Institute of Technology, College of Osteopathic Medicine/SUNY New Paltz seven year medical program is a dual degree program. Students are admitted as freshmen only and spend their first three years at New Paltz completing requirements for a major (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, or Physics) as well as general education requirements.

First year BS/DO students can live with other first year BS/DO students in Lenape Hall.  There is a limited number of spaces which accepted BS/DO students can be assigned to on a first come, first served basis.

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