Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Residence Life
  • The Department of Residence Life provides a warm, lively community for students, who continually choose to come back to live on campus — even after they are able to move off campus. The number of returning students goes up each year.
  • The department’s Community Outreach Initiative is a special program that invites community members into residence halls to teach about their personal interests or hobbies.
  • Student staff members in Residence Life gain valuable leadership skills, which they can then add to their Co-Curricular Transcripts to be shared with future prospective employers.
  • The Communities at New Paltz program provides seven unique living-learning communities for first-year students. Participants live in residence halls where half of the students are first-year students who share courses in common during the fall semester.
  • The department’s student-run educational programs and staff members continually win regional and national awards, and many resident assistants have also gone on to win the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. The department has also hosted regional conferences focusing on leadership development.