Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Educational Opportunity Program
  • The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at New Paltz is one of the largest in the SUNY system, with more than 500 students enrolled.
  • The Program provides students with services that extend above and beyond those available to the rest of the student body. Advisors follow a holistic model and offer students personalized attention. Students are given leadership and growth opportunities through peer mentoring, tutoring, and internships.
  • EOP graduates have consistently had higher retention and graduation rates than the general admitted students at New Paltz.
  • Students are counseled to work harder to overcome inadequate financial resources and academic preparation and achieve academic success. Graduates of the program leave with a results-oriented mindset, a skill that helps them become successful alumni.
  • The Program boasts more than 5,000 alumni who have become successful in their fields and remain connected to the College. The program hosts several alumni networking events every year.