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Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Career Resource Center
  • In 2013, student volunteers served 4,200 hours with a total impact of more than $90,000 in the community.
  • Since 2009, student internship participation has doubled and our interns continually receive an average 94 percent positive rating from their supervisors.
  • Coordination with several departments has led to the creation of more alumni networking receptions for New Paltz students and more student visits to companies owned by alumni.
  • The Career Resource Center moved from a generalist model to a specialist model in 2008. Students are matched with experts who review and critique resumes and cover letters, conduct practice interviews, and help identify job and internship opportunities.
  • The Career Resource Center supports an engaged learning community at New Paltz through its Major Connections Grant, which provides funding for 60 academic and professional programs a year, affecting more than 3,000 participants.