Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Computer Science
  • The Computer Science Department provides a fundamental knowledge of computing as well as technical skills that enable graduates to be extremely effective in the workplace.
  • Based on their skill sets, computer science students frequently secure competitive internships at local companies such as KDA Web Technologies, White Stratus, Software Consulting Associates and others, all of which are paid internships.
  • The Department has two Distinguished SUNY Research Professors on staff (one of whom is also an IEEE Fellow), a high honor for faculty which indicates a stellar reputation for scholarship.
  • Aram Agajanian, an employee of the Academic Computing Department, provides excellent tech support and integration assistance for the Computer Science Department.
  • While not part of the curriculum, the Computer Science Department offers extracurricular activities, engendering a sense of community among students with groups such as the Computer Programming Club and the Gaming Society.