Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Art Education
  • The New Paltz art education program graduates more undergraduate students than any other program of its kind in the United States.
  • Students participate in the Saturday Arts Lab as part of their preparation for NY State certification. The program offers dynamic education programming in visual arts, theater, and music for K-12 students and adults. Classes are taught by New Paltz faculty, local arts teachers, community artists, and advanced students in the arts education program under faculty supervision.
  • Art education faculty are nationally recognized scholars with expertise in areas including technology, teaching students with disabilities, community arts, and cognitive approaches to teaching and learning. The faculty have years of teaching experience and are committed to socially relevant art education deeply informed by contemporary practices.
  • Prior to student teaching, students complete 100 hours of fieldwork in art education settings. The certification and evaluation criteria in core courses thoroughly prepare them for future careers as arts educators. Many art education students pursue dual baccalaureate degrees in fine art, or minor in art history, making them more marketable to prospective employers.
  • Faculty continuously update the program to reflect emerging thinking in the field, providing a strong learning community where experiences are enriched by meaningful and supportive relationships. Faculty advisors guide students with care and attention to help them achieve success.