Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Special Education
  • The special education program values the philosophy of inclusive education and emphasizes a strength-based approach toward working with students with disabilities.
  • The program has responded to the developing national need for special education educators by offering an increasing number of high-quality core courses, including field experiences in which teacher candidates work with students with disabilities in a myriad of settings and across grade levels.
  • Graduates teach in various school settings across the continuum of the special education landscape in the Hudson Valley and nationwide.
  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs has awarded a number of grants to the program. Most recently, a federal grant was awarded to graduate highly qualified special education teachers.
  • Faculty members are respected for their scholarly ability and contributions to the field. They have completed projects related to researching evidence-based practices, mapping curriculum, embedding visual design for learning concepts, making data-based decisions, establishing school-university partnerships, and mentoring new teacher candidates.