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Social Justice Educational Studies
  • Social Justice Educational Studies (previously Humanistic/Multicultural Education) is a unique graduate program. For nearly 50 years, it has supported the professional development needs of individuals working in human service, not-for-profit, and higher education settings, as well as K-12 educators with a commitment to social justice and multicultural education.
  • Graduates of the program serve in key staff and leadership roles in organizations throughout the region and around the country.
  • The Program integrates cognitive and affective learning through an experiential and participatory process, offering a self-reflective, process-oriented approach to diversity and issues of social justice.
  • The Program takes major responsibility for organizing the annual Multicultural Education Conferences. These bring together educators, students, parents, and community members to gather fresh insights and connect with others who are working to create equitable schools that enable all young people to achieve.
  • Faculty members continually integrate their scholarship with educational practice by authoring books, presenting at national conferences, and being published in industry journals.