Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Compliance & Campus Climate
  • Through educational and informational programming about diversity, inclusion, and sexual assault, the Office builds awareness and understanding that helps shape institutional culture, personal perspectives, and responsibility around these issues.
  • In 2013, the Forum on Education Abroad featured the Office’s Title IX website among its featured resources in their Standards Toolbox, a great compliment to the Office’s work to improve communication around Title IX issues.
  • Our Title IX practices, procedures, and websites are regularly used by SUNY system as positive examples in training and training material.
  • Per the College’s Strategic Plan, the Office has taken many steps to streamline business practices, including streamlining the paper process in recruitment and hiring practices and implementing new applicant tracking software that makes applying to work at the College easier and more informative.
  • The Office influences student and faculty experiences by working across constituencies to address issues of culture and climate. A cross section of staff and faculty groups has been gathered to focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives in all aspects of student life.