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Points of Pride
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Veteran & Military Services
  • The Office of Veteran & Military Services is dedicated to serving those who served us by providing support to veterans, service members, and dependents through programs, outreach, advocacy, and community partnerships.
  • The office strives to make New Paltz one of the country’s most military-friendly schools by offering veterans a wide range of support services focused on students’ holistic development, including offering assistance with GI Bill® benefits, military tuition assistance, and veteran scholarships. The office also provides free campus parking permits for military and veteran students.
  • The office is staffed with a full-time coordinator of veteran services and a Veterans Affairs school certifying official available to offer help and guidance to students and faculty.
  • Veteran Services Coordinator Jason Gilliland is a service member and veteran of 17 years who takes great pride in helping fellow veterans pursue their academic dreams.
  • In summer 2014, Gilliland founded the Veterans Committee of the Hudson Valley Consortium for Higher Education, which brings together veterans’ services representatives from nearly every university in the region to share best practices and resources.