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Points of Pride
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Political Science & International Relations
  • The Political Science and International Relations department offers special programs that draw students to New Paltz. These programs include the Global Engagement Program, the United Nations Semester, and the Harvard Model United Nations.
  • The Department has recently placed more emphasis on international engagement. Faculty and staff encourage students to participate in special programs to gain a social-scientific understanding of the role certain organizations play in the world.
  • Each semester, about 30 percent of students in the Political Science and International Relations Department complete internships at the international, federal, state, and local levels. Students have the opportunity to manage events, participate in meetings, and interact with executives.
  • Faculty are often interviewed and published in well-known publications and media; are asked to lecture at other colleges and locations; and work closely with global organizations on human rights and political issues. This experience translates to the classroom as students are immersed in a dynamic, engaging, and rigorous learning environment.
  • Graduates pursue a variety of careers after leaving the College. Many have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools and law schools, while others have landed positions at Fortune 500 companies, law firms, government agencies, or begun careers in finance and consulting.