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Points of Pride
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Latin American & Caribbean Studies
  • As international trade expands through new agreements and trade associations, employees with experience and training in Latin America will be increasingly valuable. For these reasons, the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program strongly supports internships and study abroad.
  • Majors in international business, communication, and international relations find that a second major in Latin American & Caribbean Studies greatly enhances their job prospects.
  • Faculty members bring a wide variety of interests and cultural viewpoints to the academic program. Instructors share a deep commitment to the region and Latinos in the U.S. and have a strong desire to share that commitment with students. They believe teaching, travel, and research go hand-in-hand with professional activities and service to the college and community.
  • The program works with student organizations to co-sponsor many events on campus, such as Latin American Student Union, Afrolatin@ Leaders, Latino Week, Caribbean Students Organization, and the Spanish Club. Activities include conferences, speaker series, film festivals, and Cinco de Mayo celebrations.
  • The faculty are engaged in many academic pursuits, including field research in Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, as well as work on environmental history, economic development, bilingualism, Latin American and Caribbean literature and film, Dominican performance, transnational identity, Afro-Latin American culture, human rights in Guatemala, social movements, and globalization.