Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Teaching and Learning Center
  • The Teaching and Learning Center provides professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff at the College, enabling them to strengthen and build their knowledge base in support of their academic and professional endeavors.
  • Several faculty and staff members from different academic units around campus sit on a Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Board, staying up-to-date on the higher education industry and presenting any newly acquired information to faculty.
  • The Center promotes excellence in teaching and learning in its classrooms by being an educational resource to faculty and staff.
  • The Center works closely with the statewide SUNY system, with two staff members serving on a SUNY-wide task force. The Center also works closely with other local SUNY schools to develop new programs and goals.
  • The Center collaborates with other units on campus to keep faculty and staff trained in new classroom technology and teaching/learning techniques.