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Points of Pride
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Scholar's Mentorship Program
  • The Scholar’s Mentorship Program (SMP) is one of the most successful college retention programs in the United States. It is nationally ranked for its high rates of graduation for students of color, particularly Latinos.
  • The program has been designated by the University Faculty Senate of SUNY as one of the "outstanding student life programs of SUNY." Recently, a team from the American Council of Education used our program at New Paltz as an example of a model retention program.
  • The program provides students with various leadership and professional development opportunities, including internships, student assistant and orientation liaison positions, and membership in the Scholar’s Mentorship Advisory Board.
  • Through mentorship opportunities connecting them with peers and academic professionals, students gain valuable insight that gives them a competitive edge in the professional world.
  • An overwhelming majority of the program’s graduates move directly into graduate school in disciplines such as law, health care, engineering, ethnic studies, psychology, and sociology.