Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
  • The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art is unique in its special focus on the art and artists of the Hudson Valley. No other museum in the region provides that same focus.
  • The museum’s collection totals nearly 6,000 works of art from around the world. Areas of emphasis within the collection include American art from the Hudson River Valley, photography, and metals.
  • The Dorsky provides students with internship and fieldwork opportunities coordinated with their course of study. Students may elect to receive credit for the internship/fieldwork program completion.
  • The museum takes the lead in collaborating with other arts institutions in the region and across the state. These relationships share, stretch, and exchange the limited resources available to arts and cultural organizations and provide increased public exposure for The Dorsky and its partners.
  • The Dorsky is the recipient of numerous awards, grants, and citations, including a 2016 Ulster County Executive’s Art Award for Art Organization.
  • The Dorsky is the setting for the semi-annual BFA/MFA Thesis exhibitions, which give graduating student-artists the opportunity to display their work in a professional environment, meet with their audiences, and discuss their work and future goals.