Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Institute for International Business
  • The institute provides a unique opportunity for international students and young professionals to study business at New Paltz and gain work experience in New York City. It is one of a few university programs approved by the State Department to admit interns.
  • A unique, short-term program of academic study and internship training, the institute works with leading companies in New York City in the fields of marketing, finance, communication, public relations, fashion, and event planning.
  • Interns from Europe have consistently received funding from their governments in support of their study and internships at New Paltz.
  • In addition to providing academic instruction, the institute prepares interns through career advising, resume preparation, and one-on-one counseling. The adaptability and problem-solving skills developed in this program benefit interns in their future careers.
  • Returning interns are sought for positions with multinational corporations in their home countries and throughout the world.