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Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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The Graduate School
  • With more than 50 programs, The Graduate School is the largest graduate school in the Hudson Valley and offers the second-greatest number of programs of any SUNY comprehensive college. Scholarships, including research funding, assistantships, and diversity fellowships, are available.
  • Unlike other regional graduate schools, New Paltz’s student-oriented atmosphere offers personalized attention from enrollment to graduation. Advisors work with students at every stage of the graduate experience.
  • Faculty are experts in their fields from a broad range of backgrounds. Many classes are taught by full-time tenured professors, several of whom have won various SUNY-wide awards. The size of the New Paltz campus supports small classes and allows faculty and staff to collaborate effectively with other departments.
  • All graduate programs at New Paltz offer experiential learning opportunities, including teaching assistant positions, internships at well-known regional organizations, study abroad, and an on-campus clinical experience through the literacy program.
  • Alumni are prepared with the intellectual engagement and professional training they need to find success after graduation. MFA students become professors, artists, and designers; MBA alumni obtain jobs at high-level companies; and others pursue their doctorate.