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Asian Studies

Major > Personal Statement of Intent

Students intending to Major in Asian Studies submit a Personal Statement of Intent, explaining:
1. The basis for interest in studying Asia (eg. previous study, personal experience, language skills, family heritage);
2. The focus of academic work on Asia to date, and any related extracurricular activities (eg. coursework completed, issues or fields of particular interest, relationship to other academic interests, achievements); and
3. Immediate plans and long-term expectations for the future (eg. study abroad, career interests, personal goals).

The purpose of the Personal Statement is:
a. to provide students with an opportunity to focus their own interest in Asia,
b. to allow students to communicate this interest concretely to the faculty advisor,
c. to form the basis of conversations, advising, and guidance through the completion of the Major, and
d. to serve additionally as a possible foundation for any personal statements that are required on applications for scholarships and Study Abroad.

Recommended length:
Approximately 2 pages / 500 words

Submit to academic advisor in Asian Studies, via email or in hardcopy, within one month of declaring the major.

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