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Asian Studies

Major > Applying to Graduate

When Asian Studies Majors anticipate that they are nearing graduation, they should consult with their academic advisor in Asian Studies to determine that all requirements for the Major have been completed, and any transfer credits applied. 

For graduation in:

Contact faculty advisor well before:

Submit forms to Records and Registration by:


November 15

December *


May 1  (before finals & summer break)

July *


April 15  (before finals & summer break)

May *

If all requirements are complete, they should prepare the application for graduation, which is to include the following:

1. Exit Essay, for the student's Asian Studies folder
2. Copies of one or more pieces of their best written work in Asian Studies, with instructor grade/comments, for the student's Asian Studies folder
3. Current College Progress Report
4. Major plan, to be completed in consultation with the faculty advisor, and signed by the faculty member upon review and approval of items #1-3
5. A completed Graduation Application form (available from the Records and Registration website or office)

When all items are approved, students submit items #3-5 to the Records and Registration office in HAB 19, by the deadline.

NOTE:  Graduation application due dates vary each year.  The college is firm about these application deadlines, so students should consult the Registrar for graduation information and specific due dates.