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Conan Dean Carey '90 Asian Studies Minor + Philosophy Major completed an MA degree in Japanese in 1998 at
the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has had extensive language training at Kanazawa University (1988-89), Beijing
(Summer 1994), Inter-University Center, Yokohama (1994-95), and the Inter-University Program in Taipei (1996-97).
Conan delivered a paper at the New York Conference on Asian Studies in October 1998 and had a 60 page monograph "In Hell the One Without Sin Is Lord" published in Sino-Platonic Papers #109 at the University of Pennsylvania in October 2000. To order send $14.50 to Professor Victor Mair: Editor, "Sino-Platonic Papers" Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305 USA.  

Conan is currently a PhD Candidate in Asian Languages at Stanford University, specializing in premodern Japanese literature, where last year he completed an MA in Religious Studies (Buddhism). His interests include the transmission of folktale motifs from the Chinese continent to Japan in the medieval age; Chinese pien-wen and Japanese setsuwa; Buddhism in Asian literature; non-ratiocinative modes of philosophical reasoning; folklore; and pre-modern states of awareness. He gave a paper at a conference held at the University of Sheffield in England in March 2004, which can now be downloaded at their website. He writes, "Still filling out applications for the Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays fellowships. With any luck I will finally be at Nagoya University researching Japanese tales of karma, the underworld and rebirth under the guidance of renowned folklorist Abe Yasuro beginning fall 2005. Still playing guitar and writing poetry. See you all in Japan!" Email: barbs@stanford.edu  9/04

Nancy Howard '00 Asian Studies Contract Major began teaching as an Assistant English Teacher at the junior high and elementary schools  in Miyako, Japan in 2001. She was selected for this position by the Institute for Education on Japan. Email: however4@frontiernet.net  6/01

Ken Kozak '00 Asian Studies Minor + Art History Minor + Graphic Design Major writes that he travelled to Japan in ....................... and is now a Freelance Graphic Designer in New York City. Email kenk535696@aol.com  7/03

Max Hirsch '01 BA Chinese and Political Science Minor, SUNY Albany. Max started his Chinese language at SUNY New Paltz before transferring to SUNY Albany, where he completed his degree. In 1998-1999, he studied at Beijing Normal University, 2000-2001 at Fudan University in Shanghai, and then 2004-2005 at Taiwan National University. He received an MA degree in Chinese from the University of Hawaii in September 2004. 8/04

Jen Malloy '01 Asian Studies Minor/ ??Major was accepted to the JET Program and arrived in Japan in 2001. She writes that she has enjoyed attending a variety of summer festivals, and has already had the opportunity to learn much Japanese as there are few foreigners in the relatively rural area where she will be working.  Jen was pleasantly surprised to discover that she had been assigned a spacious apartment filled with both modern amenities and local features such as tatami and shoji; one other JET participant, from London, also resides in her building, and Jen has enjoyed meeting quite a few friends through the program. Email: JenniferMalloy@msn.com  8/01

Dylan McGee'01 Asian Studies Contract Major + English Major began graduate study in Japanese literature in the Comparative Literature Program at  Princeton University in Fall 2001. Dylan began teaching 'Great Books--Asian Classics' at SUNY New Paltz in Fall 2005 as an adjunct. Email:  mcgee@princeton.edu  3/03

Brian Smith '01 Asian Studies Contract  Major + Communications Major taught English in Chongming county, China. Email: smith007@mail.com  8/03

William Chung '02 Asian Studies Contract Major + English Major is currently an English teacher at the Flushing YMCA. He will go to China in summer 2002 to teach English in a five week program at Yanji University, Jilin and then return to the US to attend the graduate school of Queens College in the Master of Science program for Physical Education. Email: willsonc21@yahoo.com   4/03

Thomas Barker '02 Asian Studies Contract Major + HistoryMajor returned to SUNY New Paltz during the fall term 2001 after a year of study at Kansai Gaidai in Japan, which included an independent study on Takarazuka theater. Email:   8/01

James Rogers '03 Asian Studies Major (Japanese Language) + English Major Email: theladuke@hotmail.com  8/01   8/01

Steve Scheno '03 Asian Studies Major (Chinese Language) + International Relations Major Steve studied Chinese in Shanghai in Summer 2001 and in Nanjing in Spring 2002. He is currently a graduate student at New York University Email: sps292@nyu.edu  12/05

Kristopher Thornton '04 Political Science (Law) + Accounting Majors + Asian Studies Minor (Japanese Language) Kristopher is currently pursuing a Masters in Education while serving as a Computer Technician at Putnam Valley High School. He reports, "Just got Engaged to my girlfriend whom I met going into my freshman year. We are planing on getting Married in Augest 2005." Email: KristopherThornton@yahoo.com  10/04