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Asian Studies

Major > Exit Essay

When applying to graduate, Asian Studies Majors submit an Exit Essay along with one or more examples of their best written work.

The Exit Essay should:
1. reflect on any academic or personal changes experienced since the initial Personal Statement submitted when the major had been declared;
2. comment on how the Asian Studies major overall, and specific coursework on Asia (particularly as reflected by the best written work supplied along with the exit essay), has contributed to one's development academically and/or personally; and
3. explain immediate plans and long-term expectations following graduation (eg. career interests, continued study, personal direction)

The Purpose of the Exit Essay and written work evidence is:
a. to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and intellectual development since declaring the major;
b. to enable students to examine their completed coursework with an integrated perspective;
c. to encourage students to articulate a bridge between their academic work and their future plans; and
d. to communicate to the faculty advisor in Asian Studies how students' academic work contributes to their personal and professional development
e. to provide the Asian Studies program with qualitative means of assessing Program effectiveness at providing academic resources for students to meet Program goals.

Recommended length: approximately 2-4 pages / 500-1000 words
Deadline: Submit to academic advisor in Asian Studies, in person, along with the graduation application.

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