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Residence Life

Residence Life: Halls

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There are 13 residence halls on the New Paltz campus. This allows students to choose from a variety of living options, including contract study, corridor or suite style, or special interest group housing.

All residence halls are coed. Each residence hall offers a number of student oriented facilities and services including a laundry room, computer terminals, a main meeting lounge for hall government meetings and activities, and a study lounge. Additionally, each hall also has at least 1 television lounge, a kitchenette area and a microwave for use by all residents of the hall.

There are three residence life complexes on the New Paltz campus: Parker Complex, Hasbrouck Complex and South Complex.

Bliss Hall
Bouton Hall
Capen Hall
Gage Hall
Scudder Hall
Shango/College Hall

Bevier Hall
DuBois Hall
Crispell Hall
Deyo Hall
Lefevre Hall

Esopus Hall
Lenape Hall
Ridgeview Hall

Parker Complex:
The Parker Complex is comprised of 6 residence halls: Shango/College Hall, Bouton Hall, Capen Hall, Scudder Hall, Gage Hall, and Bliss Hall. All are traditional corridor style residence halls with a single sex bathroom shared by all residents of the floor. Rooms are adjacent to each other with an entrance/exit onto a common hallway. Each room is equipped for telephone, internet, and cable TV connection.

View a typical corridor style room diagram *

Hasbrouck Complex:
The Hasbrouck Complex is comprised of 5 residence halls: Deyo Hall, Bevier Hall, DuBois Hall, Crispell Hall, and LeFevre Hall. All are suite style residence halls; each suite is comprised of two to four double occupancy bedrooms, a small lounge area, which residents often furnish and decorate, and a bathroom with shower shared by the residents of the suite. Each room is equipped for telephone, internet, and cable TV connections.

View a typical suite diagram *

South Complex:
The South Complex is our newest residence hall complex, consisting of Esopus Hall and Lenape Hall. Esopus Hall is a traditional corridor style residence hall, with rooms designed for double occupancy. Lenape Hall features 2 different styles of designed triples that all include a private bathroom. For both residence halls, all rooms are wired for cable TV, internet, and phone connections. Additionally, both halls contain several study and recreation lounges, a computer room, fitness center, and laundry facilities.

View a typical room in Esopus *

View a typical Lenape corridor room with bathroom *

View a typical Lenape suite room with bathroom *


photo of Esopus Hall
Esopus Hall
photo of Bluelight phone
security phone
photo of Bouton Hall
Bouton Hall
photo of Hasbrouck Complex
Hasbrouck Complex
photo of College Hall
College Hall
photo of Dubois Hall
DuBois Hall
photo of Deyo Hall
Deyo Hall
photo of Deyo Hall
Deyo Hall
photo of Lenape Hall
Lenape Hall
photo of Dubois Hall
DuBois Hall
photo of Bliss Hall
Bliss Hall

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