Note:  These policies do not apply to the office of Environmental Health and Safety when conducting safety inspections, checks, or complaint investigations.  At times when hazards are noticed and routine health and safety inspections are not being conducted, students will still be required to address violations.  Hazards that pose a significant, serious, or immediate threat to health and safety will be removed for the safety of the residents and building.


Health & Safety Inspections

Complex directors and resident assistants conduct health and safety room inspections of each student room once a month. This is to insure that safety issues such as overloaded electrical outlets, extension cords, major electrical appliances and other health and safety concerns or violations are discussed with residents. This allows the resident to become aware of safety issues within the room or suite. Health and safety checks include visual checks of the entire room and/or suite.

Is the room too dirty? Have bathrooms been cleaned properly and consistently? Have work requests been completed? Does anything need to be repaired?

The inside of the closet may only be visually inspected where the staff may open closet doors or curtains to do so. The same applies for looking under the beds. At no time will residence hall staff go through any resident‘s belongings. The purpose of checking these areas is not to invade a student‘s privacy but to ensure health and safety hazards are not present.

Hall staff will inform residents by posting signs regarding health and safety inspections at least 24 hours in advance.

What happens when a resident fails a health and safety inspection?

Residents are given a written official request/warning describing the violation and requesting that said violation is removed or corrected. Residents will have 24 hours to comply with the request(s). Failure to comply with such requests will result in disciplinary action.


Electrical Appliances

Because of the danger of fire and the limits on the amount of electricity which can be safely used on any given electrical circuit, the Department of Residence Life requests that good judgment be exercised in using electrical appliances in university housing facilities. Televisions, VCRs, stereos, and computer equipment are permitted provided that all occupants of the room agree.

Refrigerators must be UL approved, cannot exceed five (5) cubic feet in volume and must require three (3) or less amps of electrical power. Microwave ovens are not permitted in the student rooms. Micro-fridges are permitted and are available for rent or purchase at the beginning of each semester through Campus Auxiliary Services.


Prohibited Items

SUNY New Paltz makes a concerted effort to comply with state health and fire safety standards. As such, there are several items that are not allowed in students’ rooms. Here is a list of items that students are not permitted to have in the Residence Halls.

List of Prohibited Items 2016-2017.


Room Cleaning/Decorating

Custodial personnel are trained to maintain public areas on daily schedule. Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms clean. Hasbrouck Complex (suite style) residents are also responsible for keeping their suite and bathroom areas clean. Vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies are available for student use. Large trash containers are in the trash room of each building. Dumpsters are in rear of each building. Dirt and other debris are not to be left in the hallways or bathrooms. In suite style halls, bathrooms and common lounges are the responsibility of members of the suite. The hall staff is more than willing to help the suite members facilitate any meetings regarding a suite-cleaning schedule.

Students are permitted to decorate their rooms within fire/safety guidelines. Residents are reminded that they are responsible for any damage to the walls as a result of hanging objects. Room/suite walls are not to be vandalized or written upon. All residents are expressly prohibited from attaching any item to the ceiling of the room or suite.