Special housing options

10-month halls

The following residence halls remain open during academic year break times (i.e. winter recess and spring break), unless otherwise designated by the director of residence life. All other buildings are closed during the breaks. Students who need to stay on campus during these times must live in one of the 10-month buildings. International students, athletes, and residents who will student teach during the spring semester are strongly encouraged to sign up for one of these halls. Those students who stay during the winter break will be charged a weekly rate. There is no extra charge to stay during spring break. Overnight guests are not permitted during breaks. The 10-month halls are:

Living Learning Communities

Communities at New Paltz: A transformative First-Year experience

Communities at New Paltz is a specifically designed Living/Learning community program for First-Year students. This program offers three distinct living experiences featuring specific inter-disciplinary themes: Leadership, Health & Wellness, and Service Learning. First-Year students who choose to participate in one of these interest-based communities will connect with other students who share similar interests, while gaining an introduction to the larger SUNY New Paltz campus and the surrounding New Paltz community. Students will have a unique opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with others in the context of an engaging academic and residential community.

Communities at New Paltz Page


Sustainability Living Learning Community

The Sustainability Living Learning Community provides you with an opportunity to live among other students who share your interest in environmental issues. Students in the Sustainability LLC all live on the same floor of Lenape Hall and engage in a number of environmentally themed activities. This unique arrangement provides all of the advantages of living on campus, while forming close relationships with students who want to broaden their understanding of our world and explore how we can live in harmony with the natural environment. Together, with faculty and staff support, you will participate in environmental programming, including films, speakers, and field trips. You will also have the opportunity to actively engage in community projects and campus sustainability initiatives. 

Sustainability LLC description and application


The Rivera House LGBTQA+ Living-Learning Community

Named after Puerto Rican and Venezuelan-American transgender activist Sylvia Rae Rivera, the Rivera House provides students with the opportunity to be part of an active network of change agents working on anti-racist, feminist, and queer projects on campus and in the community. Students have access to community events, a speaker series, and entertainment programs geared toward LGBTQA+ individuals and their allies. Students will participate in an LGBTQA+ peer mentorship program, develop strategies to improve lifelong social and physical health, and be part of a support network of students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Rivera House description and application


Honors, BS/DO, Fine Arts

The Honors, BS/DO, and Fine Arts programs all have specially designated residential areas within Lenape Hall.


Scholar's Mentorship Program

The Scholar's Mentorship Program is housed within Shango Hall.


Alternative Housing Arrangements

Procedures for requesting alternative housing arrangements

A student with a disability can submit a request for alternate housing arrangements. (Wheelchair accessible rooms, audible alarms, etc.) Requests must include the following:

1) A letter from the student outlining the reason for the request.

2) Documentation from (including, but not limited to) a primary physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, primary care physician, etc., who has provided treatment for the condition. Documentation must be on letter head.

The following is required for review:

A. Diagnosis.

B. Evidence of the connection between the diagnosis/symptoms and the need for an alternative housing assignment.

C. Evidence that the student will not be able to use and enjoy the residence hall or to participate in the college's services or programs without this accommodation.

All requests will be submitted to Residence Life no later than July 1 for the fall semester and Nov. 1 for the spring semester. Complete requests will be reviewed by the Housing Review Committee. In general, a diagnosis of ADHD, learning disability, or anxiety/depression (in and of themselves) is not sufficient grounds for obtaining an alternate housing arrangement.

Student will be notified via email (Hawkmail address) of the Housing Review Committee's decision.