School of Business

International Business & Asian Studies

The International Business program in the School of Business and the Asian Studies program in the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences offer a new double major option inInternational Business and Asian Studies.



The world is turning to Asia. Consider that over half the global population is Asian. China’s economy ranks second in the world after only the United States, while Japan’s economy is ranked fourth. India is among the globe’s most rapidly growing economies and the Asian Tigers – Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong – continue to develop at a healthy pace. As a result, business, research, and other job opportunities are increasingly found in Asia. Many Asian companies require representatives in the US, while US companies continually seek individuals skilled in business with particular knowledge of Asia to be based in Asia.

A degree in Asian Studies:

Ensures you develop linguistic skills (Chinese or Japanese) as well as expertise in the history, culture, politics and arts of Asia.

A degree in International Business:

Provides a foundation in the core disciplines of business (accounting, finance, management, marketing) as well as a focus on international business topics across these areas. Students gain an awareness of the global business environment as well as skills to manage and work in such an environment.


By combining these two degrees graduating students will enter the workforce well prepared to meet the needs of businesses seeking to obtain or strengthen their footprint in Asia.