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Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Training Catalog

Autumn 2018 Training Classes:

Coming up this semester:

  • Working with Challenging People
  • Conflict Management
  • Time and Organization Management
  • Using the New Personnel Action Form
  • Counseling & Counseling Memos
  • Setting Expectations for Professionals
  • UUP Performance Evaluations
  • Benefits Information Sessions
  • Financial Planning Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Wellness Breaks

(To register for a class, click on the date and time information next to the course title below)


Managing Conflict - Tuesday, October 23 - 2:00-4:00 PM

This session will cover strategies for managing conflict.

Course Objectives:

  • Identifying and working with different conflict styles
  • Defining the issue of the conflict
  • Strategies for resolving conflict
  • Making progress on the conflict

This training is open to all faculty and staff.

Time and Organization Management (for Humans) - Wednesday, October 24 - 2:00-3:00 PM

We are all asked regularly to get more out of our time and ourselves, but we don't always know how to make that happen. This training focuses on a range of techniques and tools you can try to enhance what you want to accomplish in a day.

Over the course of this session, we will discuss several different approaches and systems to time management and organization to allow for differences in personal style and the unique work demands of different office environments.


Setting Expectations for Professionals - Monday, October 1, 2:30-3:30 PM

The Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion recently announced the roll-out to the campus community of a new UUP Performance Program template. This is the next phase of ongoing work in Human Resources to establish consistent practices across campus for recruitment and hiring with an emphasis on creating clear expectations across an individual's employment experience at SUNY New Paltz. 

To support this transition, we began offering training sessions in April. The training addresses the new elements of the performance program template and how to establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound) goals for the year ahead, and share some best practices for making the most out of annual feedback conversations.

This training is open to both UUP professionals and individuals who supervise UUP professionals.

Counseling & Counseling Memos - Tuesday, October 16, 9:30-11:30 AM 

This training provides an overview of the counseling process, including methods for providing feedback, coaching, and counseling; guidelines for counseling sessions; and requirements for counseling memos.

This training is appropriate for all supervisors.


The Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) Open Forum (Dates to be Announced*)

The 2019 Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) allows eligible employees to exchange previously accrued annual leave (vacation) for a credit to be applied toward their employee share NYSHIP premiums on a bi-weekly basis.

*(The enrollment period for the PEP program varies yearly and has not yet been announced for 2019.)

SUNY Retirement Planning Options - Tuesday, October 16, 12:30-2:00 PM

Are you starting to think about retirement, but don't know where to start? Or maybe retirement is still in the distant future, but you want to start planning now.

This session, led by SUNY Retirement Plan specialist Donna Sweeney, will provide you with a good overview of the things to think about, as well as the options available to SUNY employees.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Voluntary Retirement Saving Plans
  • Deferred Compensation (457) - Overview
  • SUNY Voluntary 403(b) Plan (TDA or Supplemental Plan)
  • The new Roth option available within the 403(b) Plan
  • Plan comparison
  • The financial planning process: defining goals, creating a plan and monitoring results
  • Pre-Retirement Planning Checklist

Feel free to bring your lunch to this session.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Open Forums (Registration is not required)

The Flex Spending Account (FSA) program offers two benefits -- the Health Care Spending Account (HCS) and the Dependent Care Advantgage Account (DCA) -- which give you a way to pay for your health care and/or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

If you have questions about the FSA program, come to one of the upcoming open forum sessions to get the answers!

- Thursday, October 11, 10:30-11:00 AM in SUB 418

- Thursday, October 25, 12:00-12:30PM  in SUB 407

Wellness Break - Tuesday, October 30, 12:00-2:00 PM in SUB 416
(Stop by for a whole hour, or join us for part of the time)

Take a break from your regular routine and exercise your creative side.
This month we'll be making Origami boxes; paper and instructions will be provided.


***For questions about training, including ideas for future topics, send an email to employeetraining@newpaltz.edu***