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Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Training Catalog

Upcoming Training:

Via Webex:

  • Retirement Ready: Phased Retirement Information Session
  • Retirement Ready: Designing Your Retirement
  • Retirement Ready: Staying Active in Retirement and Exploring Lifelong Learning
  • Giving Effective Feedback Using the UUP Performance Template
  • Organization Management
  • Outlook Tips and Tricks
  • Introduction to Qualtrics
  • Getting Started with PowerPoint

If you have questions or need help registering for any of these classes, please send an email to employeetraining@newpaltz.edu.

Compliance Modules Available Online (select the module name to go directly to the training):


To register for a class, select the date/time link. 

Retirement Ready:

The "Retirement Ready" training series focuses on retirement preparation and planning. The training series was developed to address questions raised by community members nearing retirement.
Retirement, like all professional transitions, is a time of excitement and uncertainty. With this in mind, the Retirement Ready series is designed to support holistic retirement planning and resource-sharing across the campus community.
The series includes support and guidance for planning for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and financial aspects of retirement. The breadth of the training topics allows individuals to self-select the training sessions that they believe would be most useful for supporting their unique retirement preparation journey.

Phased Retirement Information Session for MC and UUP Professionals (non-teaching)

Full-time MC and UUP-represented professionals who have at least 10 years of full-time consecutive SUNY service and who are retirement-eligible may now participate in the Phased Retirement program.

This information session wil review the eligibility requirements, program details, and the process to participate in the program.


Staying Active in Retirement and Exploring Lifelong Learning

Are you interested in social, creative, intellectual, volunteer, or athletic pursuits? Perhaps you've always wanted to travel? Will retirement give you an opportunity to spend more time with family or friends?
In this Retirement Ready session, we’ll begin to explore some of the many options for staying active in retirement. This will include an exploration of continuing education programs in the region, as well as information on researching learning opportunities no fomatter where you are living.

This session is helpful for anyone who is thinking about retirement and looking for ways to stay intellectually and socially engaged. It is open to all campus faculty and staff.


Designing Your Retirement

In this session, participants will be guided through reflecting on their prior experience with work-related transitions and taking stock of their current lifestyle.

The trainer will introduce some big ideas that are changing how people can think about planning for retirement, and introduce the seven characteristics of life satisfaction. Participants will then be guided through exercises to help them think about how to design their retirement.
This training is open to all faculty and staff.


Professional Skills:

Giving Effective Feedback Using the UUP Performance Evaluation Templates

Helping employees to develop their professional skills requires setting clear expectations and specific goals, and providing useful, ongoing feedback. In this training we will cover best practices for setting objectives and then review step-by-step guidelines for conducting feedback conversations to support productivity and employee growth.
This training is open to faculty and staff with direct reports and to any employees who would like to add to their professional tool kit.


Organization Management

In times of change or high volume periods of work, it can be very challenging to keep your resources and information organized. In this session, we will discuss techniques for getting and staying organized. 


Outlook Tips & Tricks

If your mailbox is so full you don't even want to look at it -- we'll cover tips for organizing your mailbox, dealing with spam and junk mail, cleaning out your Inbox, and eliminating email clutter.


Introduction to Qualtrics

A quick introduction to Qualtrics survey software. We will cover creating a survey and basic question types, how to distribute a survey (both anonymously and to a contact list,) and how to create a report of the survey results.


Getting Started with PowerPoint

A brief introduction to PowerPoint, including setting up a Master Slide, using the different views (Outline, Slide Sorder, Normal), using bullets and numbering. and changing slide order. (When registering, you'll be asked if there are other specific topics you'd like to cover.)


SUNY PRODiG Fellowship Consortia Application: 

The SUNY PRODiG Fellowship Consortia represents a collaborative effort of the thirteen comprehensive colleges in the SUNY system (see below). Eligible candidates for this two-year program include late-stage ABDs or post-docs who are underrepresented minorities faculty in general and women faculty of all races in STEM fields.

The focus of the collaborative is to introduce early-career diverse faculty to opportunities at a comprehensive college, and will provide outstanding mentorship and support to increase future success and retention as faculty.  The program will provide intentional support toward degree completion, teaching experience in the individual’s field of expertise, and faculty development at one of the SUNY comprehensive colleges. 

PRODiG Fellows will receive a two-year non-renewable contract, travel allowances, summer research stipends, moving expenses, and reduced teaching load. Annual compensation is competitive. Fellows will be paired with a campus senior faculty member to help facilitate integration and support, and will be a part of a larger cohort of PRODiG Fellows across the SUNY system who will meet (both face-to-face and virtually) throughout the two-year fellowship.  The fellowship is open to a wide range of fields.  




For questions about training, or if you have ideas for future topics, please email employeetraining@newpaltz.edu