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Inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the mission of the Office of Campus Sustainability at SUNY New Paltz is to partner with students, faculty, staff, and regional partners to co-create a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable community, campus, and region.  We are infusing sustainability throughout our institution, including curriculum and research, student and community engagement, operations, planning & administration. Explore our the links to the left to learn about how you can become involved with sustainability at New Paltz as a student, faculty, or staff member and our progress towards creating a sustainable campus!  

We are proud of our sustainability achievements including our:  

Academic Programs

  • Sustainability Faculty Learning Community
  • Variety of major and minor combinations that lead to sustainability career pathways
  • Sustainability Track of the Management Major launched in 2017

Engagement Programs

  • Sustainability Ambassadors student engagement program
  • Sustainability student organizations
  • Our Instagram account: @sustainablenewpaltz
  • Our student-led behavioral change competitions in Residence Halls, including New Paltz Unplugged (energy), Recyclemania, and the Slow the Flow Save H2O water conservation competition

Operational Achievements

  • Divesting the campus' and Campus Auxiliary Services' endowments from fossil fuels
  • Cost avoiding approximately $250,000 per year via energy conservation measures
  • Microgrid at Elting Gym with 100 KW of solar photovoltaics with battery storage
  • Installing 35+ hydration stations and 25+ gooseneck bottle fillers on water fountains across campus
  • 26 EV charging station parking spots
  • Progress on single-use plastics including discontinuing the sale of bottled water, eliminating plastic bags, and shifting to compostable straws
  • Revamping and standardizing our interior and exterior landfill, recycling, and composting bin infrastructure
  • Our twelve green infrastructure sites representing eight different types of green infrastructure
  • Our five LEED buildings and three buildings in the process of being certified
  • Our Bee Campus USA designation and our four pollinator meadows
  • Our Tree Campus USA status