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Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SUNY New Paltz is working to create a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable community, campus, region and world.  We are infusing sustainability throughout our institution, including curriculum and research, student and community engagement, operations, planning & administration. Explore our the links to the left to learn about how you can become involved with sustainability at New Paltz as a student, faculty, or staff member and our progress towards creating a sustainable campus!  

We are proud of our sustainability achievements including our:  

Academic Programs

  • Sustainability Faculty Learning Community
  • Variety of major and minor combinations that lead to sustainability career pathways, including the growing Environmental Studies Minor
  • Sustainability Track of the Management Major launched in 2017

Engagement Programs

  • Sustainability Ambassadors student engagement program
  • Sustainability student organizations
  • Our student-led behavorial change competitions in Residence Halls, including New Paltz Unplugged (energy), Recyclemania, and the new water conservation competition, Slow the Flow: Save H2O Challenge

Operational Achievements

  • Cost avoiding approximately $250,000 per year via energy conservation measures
  • Microgrid at Elting Gym with 100 KW of solar photovoltaics with battery storage
  • Installing 35+ hydration stations and 20+ gooseneck bottle fillers on water fountains across campus
  • Progress on single use plastics including banning bottled water, plastic bags, and shifting to compostable straws
  • Revamping our interior and exterior landfill, recycling, and composting bin infrastructure
  • Our twelve green infrastructure sites representing eight different types of green infrastructure
  • Our four LEED buildings and five buildings in process of being certified