Sustainability Competencies

Listed below are eight competencies that Redman and Wiek synthesize as "all key competencies needed to be integrated for advancing sustainability transformations:"

Five "Established" Competencies:

  1. Systems-Thinking Competency
  2. Futures-Thinking Competency
  3. Values-Thinking Competency
  4. Strategies-Thinking Competency
  5. Interpersonal Competency

Five "Emerging" Competencies:

  1. Intrapersonal Competency
  2. Implementation Competency
  3. Integration Competency

These competencies build on "general competencies" such as critical thinking and creativity.

Topical Area Knowledge:

  • Disciplinary competency - content-dependent competencies

Table of Definitions of Sustainability Competencies

This table comes from from this article.