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Lisa Mitten - Headshot2Lisa Mitten
Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Service Building
Office hours: By appointment

Lisa Mitten became the college’s first Campus Sustainability Coordinator in May of 2013.  She strives to create a more sustainable campus and world by transforming ideas into action at SUNY New Paltz.  She spearheads sustainability efforts within Facilities Management and also coordinates sustainability efforts across campus between students, faculty, and staff to support carbon consciousness and sustainability thinking and action.  Lisa Mitten focuses her day to day efforts on four primary sustainability topic areas: energy, waste, food, and sustainability metrics.


Brian Pine
Energy Management CoordinatorBrian Pine Headshot
Service Building

Brian Pine retired as Director of Facilities Operation after seven years of service to New Paltz in December of 2012 (and 30 years of experience in NYS public facilities) and returned to campus in the spring of 2013 to focus on energy management. While he was director, Brian obtained over $550,000 in funding from Central Hudson and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to support the campus’ sustainability initiatives.  He was responsible for the campus-wide metering project installation, solar photovoltaic panels installations, greenhouse gas emission studies, and building energy analysis studies.  Brian is now responsible for coordinating New Paltz’s Energy Master Plan efforts, implementing energy conservation measures that reduce the campus’ carbon footprint, coordinating NYSERDA funding for energy initiatives, and other projects.