Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Who Do I Contact For...


Adjunct faculty appointments, personnel file review requests.

Application process, exam information, new appointments, performance evaluations, policies, personnel file review requests.

Professional Staff (Unclassified - UUP):
Professional appointments, personnel status changes, general employment inquiries, performance management (performance programs and evaluations).

Full-time Faculty:
Faculty appointments, personnel status changes, file review, general employment inquiries.

Management Confidential Employees:
MC appointments, personnel status changes, general employment inquiries.

Teaching Assistants/Graduate Assistants (TA/GA)*:
TA/GA appointment processing.

*Questions about hiring and final contract assignments should be directed to Vika Shock, Director of Graduate and Extended Learning -

Employee Recruitment (non-classified) and Affirmative Action:

Evaluates compliance with diversity laws and policies within the College and creates new opportunities for equality within the organization for people of all races, genders, sexuality, abilities, and ages. Ensures that all professional and faculty searches follow prescribed Affirmative Action processes and guidelines.


Accident reports; general benefits information (state); health insurance, prescription drug, dental, vision, and retirement plan information; tax-deferred annuities; TA/GA benefits; Workers' Compensation; requests for accommodations under ADA; and FMLA.

Diversity & Inclusion:

Oversees the College's progress in diversity and inclusion; ensure and facilitate an integrated vision and shared responsibility for diversity and inclusion. The College's Chief Diversity Officer administers programs that broaden College access, support student success, and enhance diversity and inclusion-related teaching and learning across the campus. They also work collaboratively with, and serve as a resource for, College and administrative units as they establish, coordinate, and assess their contributions to institutional diversity and inclusion goals.

Employee Relations/Labor Relations:



Title IX Coordinator and LGBTQ+ Program & Diversity Manager:

Manage reporting and support training and compliance requirements under Title IX and NYS Education Law 129B. This office is also responsible for resources and education to foster a safe, welcoming, and equitable environment for LGBTQ+ members of the College community.

Organizational Development and Training:

Orientation, onboarding, employee tuition assistance, compliance, training, and professional development.

Retreat facilitation, customized training, leadership coaching, change management, and business process improvement.

  • [Open], Director of Organizational Development and Training -  
  • Anneliese Kniffin-Savchak, Assistant Director of Organizational Development and Training - 

Ethics and Public Officers' Law:

Campus-appointed Ethics officers assist employees in nevigating the Public Officers' Law. The New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government provides guidance and regulations for state agencies, their officers and employees.