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For information about the certifications these programs may lead to, please review the program description listed in the catalog.


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School of Education

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 

School of Fine & Performing Arts

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  School of Education

Programs requiring NYS Teaching Certification for Application:
The Master of Science in Education (MSEd) degree is designed primarily for students who already hold initial NYS certification and are seeking a master's degree that will yield professional certification. The MSEd degree program in Second Language Education is our only program that leads to initial/professional certification.

Programs NOT requiring NYS Teaching Certification for Application:
The Master of Science for Teachers (MST) degree is designed for students seeking initial certification at the Childhood 1-6 level.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is designed for students seeking initial certification in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12).

 NYS Teaching Certificate required:

 Elementary Education
 MSEd Childhood Ed 1-6 (013A) (eBrochure)
  -Early Childhood Ed (B-2) (013B)
  -Math, Science & Technology (013M)
  -Reading/Literacy (013R)

 Secondary Education
 MSEd Adolescence Ed 7-12
  -Biology (031B)
  -Chemistry (032B)
  -Earth Science (033B)
  -English (034B)
  -French (035B)
  -Spanish (039B)
  -Mathematics (037B)
  -Social Studies (040B)

 Literacy Education
  MSEd Literacy & Childhood Spec. Ed. (029A)
  MSEd Literacy Ed. (B-6) (030A)
  MSEd Literacy Ed. (5-12) (030B)

 Special Education
  MSEd Adol. Spec. Ed. & Literacy Ed (059G)
  MSEd Childhood Spec. Ed & Literacy Ed     (059C)
  MSEd Childhood Spec. Ed (1-6) (060C)
  MSEd Early Childhood Spec. Ed (B-2) (060E)

 Art & Special Subjects Education 
  MSEd Visual Arts Education (050A)
  MPS Humanistic/Multicultural Ed (070)
   - Teaching Track:  (070C)
      -Family Consumer Science
      -Physical Education

 Educational Administration
  CAS School Leadership (401A)

 NYS Teaching Certificate Not required:

Elementary Education (eBrochure)
  MST Childhood Ed 1-6 (020A)


 Secondary Education
  MAT Adolescence Ed 7-12
   -Biology (101B)
   -Chemistry (104B)
   -Earth Science (102B)
   -English (103B)
   -French (105B)
   -Spanish (110B)
   -Mathematics (107B)
   -Social Studies (109B)


  Teaching English as a Second Language
    MSEd Second Language Education
    (TESOL) (065)


 Special Education

   MSEd Adolescence Special Education (060G)


 Multicultural Education
   MPS Humanistic/Multicultural Ed.
   - General Track (070G)

   Advanced Certificate Multicultural Ed. (071)


 Educational Administration
   MSEd School Leadership (080A)
   CAS Alt. Cert.: School Leadership (Trans D) (401B)
   CAS School Business Leader (402A)

  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  School of Fine and Performing Arts

 Communication Disorders (eBrochure)
  MS Communication Disorders (090)
    -Speech-Language Disabilities (090I)
    -Speech-Language Pathology (090S)

  MA English (eBrochure) (204)

 Counseling & Psychology
  MA Psychology (208)
  MS Mental Health Counseling (290)
  MS School Counseling (295)
  Advanced Certificate
  -Mental Health Counseling (291)

 Visual Arts Education
   MSEd Visual Arts Ed Summer Intensive (050S)

 Music Therapy
   MS Music Therapy (285)

 Art Studio

   MFA Ceramics (301)
   MFA Metal (302)
   MFA Painting & Drawing (303)
   MFA Printmaking (305)
   MFA Sculpture (304)

  School of Business

  School of Science and Engineering

 MBA (eBrochure)

  Business Administration (261)

  MBA Public Accountancy (262)

BS Computer Engineering & MS Electrical Engineering (266)
BS Electrical Engineering & MS Electrical Engineering (267)

MS Electrical Engineering (265)

 Computer Science
   MS Computer Science (270)


Application for admission to these programs has been suspended

MSEd Early Childhood Education (B-2)
MST Early Childhood Education (B-2)
MSEd Literacy Ed & Adolescence Special Ed
Cert Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)
MA Biology
MA Chemistry
MA Geology
MA Mathematics
MFA Photography