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Grads and Alumni: Commencement 2023


Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Art History Majors

Winter '22

Mya Bailey +++

Tonilyn Gully

May '23

Steven Baltsas *

Brooke Cammann *

Rebecca Hallet *

Jessica Marallo

Ethan Merryfield

Shay Steuart *

Destiny Sutter (Contract Major)


May candidates who may be eligible for honors are identified in our program with
asterisks (*) and wear a white and gold cord. The recognition is based on courses taken at
New Paltz through the fall 2022 semester. Final honors designation will be made after all
work is completed and recorded.
+ Cum Laude
++ Magna Cum Laude
+++ Summa Cum Laude


Early Education Majors, Concentration: Art History

Winter '22

Megan Maloney +++

Bridget Tierney +++

May '23

Jacqueline Barics *

Mya Millan

Dora Wilt *

Early Childhood Studies

Dawn Ruhren *

Minors in Art History


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