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Fine Arts Building

The Fine Art Building was built in 1997 and houses the Art Department office, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, and Metal programs and a complete wood shop. This 50,000 sq. foot space was designed to give students a safe and substantial work areas. Each program has dedicated studios for their majors, individual critique rooms, and well-equipped communal space. There is also the Rotunda space which serves as a meeting hall as well as a gallery for student exhibitions and installations.

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Julien J. Studley Theatre

Studley Theatre is located in the Old Main Building on the New Paltz campus. Formerly the Old Main Auditorium, the building was renovated and renamed the Julien J. Studley Theatre in 1992. The renovation was made possible through the donations of real estate magnate Julien J. Studley. The theatre seats up to 620 people and has served as a focal point for major performing arts events, concerts, lectures, and the annual Fall Convocation ceremony.


McKenna Theatre

McKenna Theatre, a fully equipped proscenium theatre seating 358 and is named in honor of Dr. Rebecca McKenna, professor of English and Drama and founder of the Theatre Arts program at New Paltz. At the rear of the theatre is a sound booth for digital audio equipment with the capabilities to playback, mix, and amplify audio. Behind the audience (and upstairs) is a lighting booth with a computerized light board (controlling over 200 dimmers) and LCD video projection equipment. Above the stage is a stage house with 32 line sets in the fly space.  Behind the stage are the scene shop, scenery storage area, paint shop, and other technical facilities.

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Max and Nadia Shepard Recital Hall

The Max and Nadia Shepard Recital Hall is a 125-seat hall named in honor of benefactors to the performing arts programs at New Paltz. It offers an intimate setting for chamber music performances and student recitals.

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Old Library

Built in 1954 and renovated in 1989, Old Library was the first free-standing library building on campus. Today, the facilities for the Photography and Graphic Design programs are located here and include Mac labs, seminar rooms, equipment rooms, a book bindery, various darkrooms, developing lab, and a printing lab.

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Parker Theatre

Originally built as a dining hall, the Parker building was converted to a theatre venue, teaching space, and theatre production facility in 1972. Renovated in 1994, it features a modified thrust stage surrounded by an intimate three-quarter audience configuration with seating for up to 201 patrons.  Behind the audience are lighting and sound booths with a computerized light board (controlling over 90 dimmers) and digital audio equipment.  On either side of that performance venue are performance studio spaces where classes are offered in acting, voice, movement, and musical theatre.  Behind the theatre are dressing rooms, a costume studio, costume maintenance and storage facilities, and faculty offices.

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Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art's (SDMA) building houses two wings joined by a common corridor and comprise more than 9,000 square feet of exhibition and teaching space. The East Wing includes four galleries (Morgan Anderson Gallery, Howard Greenberg Family Gallery, Sara Bedrick Gallery, Corridor Gallery), as well as research and seminar rooms. The West Wing includes two galleries (Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery, North Gallery). The SDMA is one of the largest art museums in the SUNY system. In addition to providing outstanding instruction space for students and Hudson Valley schoolchildren, the SDMA allows New Paltz community members to regularly display their artwork. The permanent collection includes more than 5,000 works of art representing diverse world cultures. The museum is named for and honors Samuel Dorsky, a philanthropist and patron of the arts.

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Smiley Art Building

Smiley Art Building houses the Art Education program, the Foundation program, and the Drawing & Painting program, and the Digital Fabrication Lab. Some Graphic Design classes are also offered in this facility. Faculty offices are found on the first and second floors. First floor design studios have access to an outdoor patio for work on large projects. Smiley Art Building is also home to the Student Art Gallery, two computer labs, and the Art History slide library. A slide viewing room and photography studio for general student use are in the basement.

The building was named for prominent members of the Smiley family including Albert K. Smiley, Daniel Smiley Jr., Albert K. Smiley Jr. and Ruth Smiley, many of whom served in prominent roles with the Board of Visitors and Council for the New Paltz Normal School. Many members of the family remain active in their support of the college today.

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