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painting class

For more than half a century, the State University of New York at New Paltz has been celebrated for its professional art programs and its distinguished faculty of practicing artists and designers who help students pursue creative interests and prepare for careers in the various art disciplines.

Its location in the heart of New York's historic Hudson Valley region uniquely enhances the SUNY New Paltz student experience. The initial home of the 19th-century Hudson River School of Painting, the region continues to be an active site of cultural opportunities with many artists and artistic organizations in residence. The proximity of New Paltz to New York City provides students with a wide range of artistic and educational opportunities, including field trips, internships, and participation in special events.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the time they graduate, Art Majors will:

  1. Expand knowledge of diverse histories and contemporary practices in studio art, design, and art education
  2. Demonstrate—in written, visual, and oral forms—an understanding of a work of art or design, in terms of its social, political, cultural, aesthetic and historical context
  3. Develop and articulate self-reflective practices as artists, designers, teachers, and citizens
  4. Create collaboration and engagement with local and global art, design, and learning communities
  5. Build professional networks to support lifelong learning and sustainable practices

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